EMG Needles: Disposable Concentric Needle Electrodes
Non-wiredLengthDiameter Recording Area Hub Color
BC253025㎜0.30㎜ (30G)0.02㎟White
BC252625㎜0.45㎜ (26G)0.07㎟Gray
BC302830㎜0.36㎜ (28G)0.02㎟Blue
BC382638㎜0.45㎜ (26G)0.07㎟Green
BC502650㎜0.45㎜ (26G)0.07㎟Yellow
BC752375㎜0.65㎜ (23G)0.07㎟Red

EMG Needles: Disposable Concentric Needle Electrodes


  • Silver electrode core wire for optimized signal quality and excellent noise reduction.
  • Uniformly machine sharpened needles for smooth skin penetration to reduce patient discomfort.
  • Stainless steel cannula with low friction due to the smooth surface.
  • Color coded hub for easy usage with indicator of recording position and needle gauge & length.
  • Suitable application for electromyogaphy (EMG) and for single patient use only
  • Sterilized by EtO gas and peel-packed individually to ensure safety.
  • Reusable cables for easy one-touch connection to unwired concentric and monopolar needles for ease of use.
  • Non wired
  • Hub Colors: White, Gray, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
  • Part of Promo Bundle
  • 25 Pcs/Box