EMG Surface Electrodes: Ring Electrodes
ModelSize Backing MaterialGel
MF-24098mm x 107mm (5/16” x 4 1/5”)Pet FilmHydrogel

EMG Surface Electrodes: Ring Electrodes


  • The Disposable Ring Electrodes from MMT are specially designed with superior hydrogel adhesive and conductive performance for sensory NCS. The Disposable Ring Electrodes use a highly conductive Ag ink for extra low impedance giving superior quality recordings requiring low stimulus intensities to achieve supramaximal SNAP responses.
  • Conductive film is coated with Ag ink for extra low impedance
  • Highly conductive hypoallergenic gel provides superior adhesive qualities
  • Consistent amplitude and latency responses between uses
  • Lower stimulus intensities to get maximum amplitude responses
  • Optimised for any size of finger or toe
  • Single use only
  • Gel is easy to clean leaving no sticky residue on patient
  • Requires reusable alligator clips
  • 10 pcs/Pack, 100pcs/Box

Order Information: Orders can be made by calling 855-633-4629, or visiting our Neurology online portal.